Insurance Process

Halo Roofing and Construction specializes in assisting property owners with insurance claims due to storm damage.  We are insurance experts and your property is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, it is essential to utilize a company that can successfully and professionally negotiate your claim.

We know that people have a lot on their mind these days.  With the ability to expertly handle the entire insurance claim from start to finish, our goal is to take this otherwise stressful process off your plate. Our team of state-certified damage assessors will help you to assess any and all damage to your property after a storm. We will also handle all scheduling, supplementing, invoicing, and billing. Our in-house insurance adjusting experts will handle the negotiations with your insurance company, making sure you get every penny you deserve for your claim

Beware of contractors that offer estimates! Estimates are used for projects that would be paid for out of your own pocket.  However, with an insurance claim, the insurance company is the one paying for your project.  Accordingly, insurance claims do not involve the standard estimates. Operating from a contractor’s estimate on an insurance claim may put you at risk of a job shortage (e.g. inferior materials, poor workmanship, or sub-par service after the project). In fact, contractors that offer their own estimates to you on an insurance claim could be entering into insurance fraud.

At Halo Roofing and Construction we always operate from a position of integrity, which includes working from your insurance company’s estimate in order to get you the maximum compensation that your insurance policy allows. We utilize extensive insurance industry knowledge so that we can provide you with the professional representation that you deserve.

First, we perform a free inspection to see if you have a claim-worthy loss. If so, we will assist you in filing a claim. Then we meet with your insurance company’s adjuster to assess the damage. These two-party inspections invariably turn out much more favorably for the homeowner. After all, the adjuster is representing his employer, the insurance company. We’re there representing you.

From this point, we will be working with you, your insurance company, and our supply houses to professionally complete your restoration project. We will communicate our progress to you as we move toward putting your home back into its “pre-storm condition.”

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"I met with an insurance adjuster and he said there was not enough damage to my roof to even reach my deductible and I wouldn’t receive anything from my insurance company. Later, I asked them to re-open my case per your advice, and had you there to represent me this time to meet with the adjuster. You pointed out areas that we missed the first time and they ended up totaling my roof and I received full payment less my deductible."
B. Dunning Rockwall TX