Our Process

Halo Roofing and Construction specializes in assisting property owners with insurance claims due to storm damage. We can help you with absolutely no out -of -pocket cost to you, other than your standard insurance deductible.  We are insurance experts and your property is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, it is essential to utilize a company that can successfully and professionally negotiate your claim.

Beware of contractors that offer estimates! Insurance work does not involve the standard estimates. Operating from a contractor’s estimate may put you at risk of a job shortage and/or significant out- of -pocket costs. In fact, contractors that offer their own estimates to you on an insurance claim could be entering into insurance fraud. Halo Roofing and Construction, we always operate from a position of integrity, which includes operating from your insurance company’s estimate. We utilize extensive insurance industry knowledge so that we can represent you in your storm damage claim against your insurance company with no out- of -pocket cost other than the cost of your deductible.

Typically, there are 3 Simple (and free) Steps to beginning your claim process:

1. Inspect: Very frequently it takes a professionally trained eye to observe the full extent of storm damage, as all of it may not be readily apparent. If left unattended, the deterioration of the roof/siding can lessen the lifespan of the product and lead to many future issues pertaining to the building itself. A quick and non-invasive inspection by the trained personnel at Halo Roofing and Construction will definitively let you know whether you have sustained insurable storm damage. We possess professional knowledge on your home construction and how storm damage affects your home. We can even provide you with photos of damage. Based on meteorological data, we can determine if the damage is insurable under the current storm and the best way to discuss your damaged property with your insurance company. We will use our vast experience to determine if you should even pursue a claim.

2. File a Claim and Schedule an Adjustment: Give your insurance company a call and file a claim. This will get you a claim number and start the process. Storm damage from hail, wind, or lightning is an act of God and, therefore, a “no fault” claim. You are not at risk for cancellation or rate increases. In fact, your insurance company will want to come out to assess the extent of damage. Schedule an adjustment time with the insurance company so they may come out and inspect your residence. It is important to schedule a SPECIFIC TIME for the appointment. You do not need to be home for your adjustment; however, it is important that you ask us to be there. Having a representative schedule a specific date and time for your adjustment is a simple courtesy that your insurance company should extend to you.

3. Call Halo Roofing and Construction to schedule one of our qualified professionals to meet your adjuster. This is very important part of the process and will insure a timely settlement to your claim. Many times, your insurance adjuster will be more thorough in the inspection when a professional from Halo is present to expertly represent your interests at the insurance adjustment.

From this point, we will be working with you, the City, the insurance company, and supply houses to professionally complete your restoration. We will continually communicate unique situations and progress to you as we move toward completion of your home to “prestorm condition.”

We would welcome a meeting talk to you about the process of insurance storm restoration. This will be an information only meeting with no obligations. It is our intent to display to property owners, both large and small, the high degree of knowledge and professionalism with which we go about our work. If you have damage, we can discuss your options. Some of those options may include allowing us to assist you with your insurance claim and/or working with our company to repair damages on your property. If we do any work for you, we will guarantee that you will not sustain any out- of -pocket expenses except for the standard insurance deductible, all of which can be discussed in detail well before any official agreements or contracts are in place.

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